Orlando Terrorist’s Father Appears Behind Hillary at Florida Rally

The NBC News affiliate in West Palm Beach, Florida noticed a special guest standing behind Hillary Clinton at her rally today in Kissimmee (pronounced kih-SIM-ee, not like an Italian guy saying “kiss me.”) It was none other than Seddique Mateen, father of Omar Mateen – the terrorist who massacred 49 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in the name of the Islamic State and jihad against the West.

There are some brain melting bizarro visuals going on here. A few that jump out:

– Hillary is wearing her prison jumpsuit-like orange pantsuit as she remains a fugitive from justice on the campaign trail, cackling that the coppers will never catch her alive.

– At a quick glance, Mateen’s red hat almost looks like a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat.

– As Mateen stood behind her smiling, nodding and applauding, Clinton opened by saying  “I know how many people, families, loved ones, and friends are still grieving, and we will be with you as you rebuild your lives.”

Mateen was reluctant to talk to the news crew outside of the rally at first, but then he later approached them at a rest stop ready for an interview with a well made sign in hand.

When asked if the Clinton campaign knew if he was going to be there he responded “it’s the Democratic Party, so everyone can join.” I wonder how many immigrants out there, who may not have the best English skills and don’t know the ins and outs of the American political debate, believe that they are excluded from the Republican Party? Do large numbers of immigrants believe the GOP is for whites only?

It’s never crossed my mind before but Mateen’s comment has me stroking my chin going hmm, HMMMMM. It’d be interesting to see some translated non-English Democratic Party outreach material. Just a hunch.

Mateen also said “…I wish that my son joined that Army and fought ISIS and destroyed ISIS. That would be much better.” I guess. But given that you had a show supporting the group fighting against the US in Afghanistan, why would you want that now? It’s almost as if it would be made into a big deal if a Muslim immigrant family had a son that died fighting for the US Army and a major political party would use it as a weapon of guilt against the nominee of the other party!

Recall when a California delegate was found to be a white nationalist and pushed out by the Trump campaign. Also note the ongoing demand that Trump “disavow” David Duke – former KKK member who has expressed support for the GOP nominee. All this is said to “speak volumes” about Trump, his campaign, and his supporters. How long will the media pressure Clinton to disavow the support of Seddique Mateen? Don’t hold your breath.

I find it interesting that Mr. Mateen seems to be going on about his life in relative obscurity. He’s clearly doing well judging by the BMW he pulls up in in the NBC report. I doubt he ever gets recognized day to day as Omar Mateen’s father and doesn’t seem to ever have been harassed or threatened in a serious way. I thought about this as I read Ibtihaj Muhammad’s comments from the Rio Games:

“[I feel unsafe] all the time. I had someone follow me home from practice and try to report me to police,” she said. “And this is right on 28th and 7th in New York City.”


“I’m very vocal about these things because I want people to know I’m not a novelty, I’m not special in any way, I’m a woman who wears hijab and these are my experiences,” Muhammad said.

Of course there’s no proof either way, but given that New York City is incomparably open, diverse and accepting of everyone (there’s gotta be at least one person from every single country on Earth in New York), I’m gonna put this in the “things that never happened” files. She continued,

“I want people to know that as hard as [these racist incidents] are on me, they don’t come even close to things we’ve seen like the shooting in North Carolina or the rhetoric around the Khan family at the DNC. It’s ridiculous and we as a country have to change and I feel like this is our moment.”

I assume she’s talking about right-wing conservative Christians here, so it’s funny she brought up a shooting committed by a left-wing atheist who shot some Muslims over a parking dispute to make her point about Islamophobia. No mention of Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Boston, Fort Hood or Garland by the way. If the father of the guy who committed the worst terrorist attack in America since 9/11 is just fine going about his day, you’re just fine, too, Ms. Muhammad.

“It’s ridiculous and we as a country have to change and I feel like this is our moment.” To that I say: Nah. You change.

It’s not news that Omar Mateen was a registered Democrat or that Seddique Mateen hosted a TV show with a “decidedly Pashtun nationalistic, pro-Taliban slant; full of anti-US rhetoric and inflammatory language.” And it’s not that big of a surprise that the elder Mateen would come out as a Clinton supporter, but it’s not important. What you must never forget is that:

R hate kills



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