I Did It, I Solved Racial Tensions In America

I was taking a walk with my iPod on random and two songs I’ve never heard together played back to back:

“Answer To No One” by Colt Ford.

Then, “The Enemy” by Big L and Fat Joe.

Listening to the lyrics, it hit me: this is (pretty much) the same song. They’re both into the same things – cool cars, hot women, making money, tons of guns. And they essentially have the same message: My hood is the shit, lower my taxes and fuck the government.

Piggy backing on Henry Rollins’ theory that The Ramones could solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I think all we have to do is get coastal whites to listen to this Big L ditty and ghetto blacks to bump this Colt Ford joint over and over until they realize they’re the same. (Country blacks and whites get along way better.) Then we can wrap up the whole racial tension thing and call it a day.


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