Are You A Cuckservative?

You make me sick, you pathetic Cuck.

Man, that’s fun to say. It’s like cunt + fuck, the two worst words in the English language. Take ‘cuckold’ and ‘conservative’, put ’em together and you’ve got the decidedly more hardcore, more acerbic update of RINO that has gained popularity recently: Cuckservative. It’s below the belt, but that’s why it hits so hard. It gets to you deep down as a man.

How did this epithet make it from the depths of the internet into the mainstream lexicon? Let’s start by recognizing something: the Left has no ideas. Absolutely nothing to offer. All that remains is naked power grabbing for themselves and the charges of racism, sexism and various forms of bigotry for their opponents. A Cuckservative is someone who still accepts these charges as having moral authority, thus, rather than making conservative arguments and advancing conservative ideals and values on their own terms, a Cuckservative accepts all the premises of the Left and feels obliged to use them. For example, trying to explain how Muslim culture is bad because it doesn’t celebrate “alternative lifestyles” like being gay and doesn’t let women sleep around empower women. Those things are true, but notice how it must be couched in the language of the Left’s pet causes for it to even be discussed in the mainstream.

There’s the pornographic aspect – someone who takes secret pleasure in debasing themselves by tying their hands behind their back, sitting in the corner and watching their country get screwed. Then there’s the racial aspect. I’ll get to that shortly.

Ayn Rand was big on this early on. A great deal of her work was about how one needs to reject the morality of altruism when defending and promoting capitalism. Still today, when anyone promotes the free market it must be pointed out that “it makes you serve your fellow man.” “Nothing has lifted so many people out of poverty.” “It’s the most cooperative system yet devised.” Again, those things are true, but they are effects of secondary importance. Rand said no to all of that. Capitalism is good on its own terms. Being productive, being creative, and being rewarded for your productivity and creativity through profits and – most crucially – being primarily motivated by profits for oneself, are good things in and of themselves.  She argued that you don’t need to justify entrepreneurial activity with the premises of altruism.

This is what the Cuckservative label is trying to get the Right to do. Liberty, the Bill of Rights, our Constitutional Republic, Americanism – all are good in and of themselves. We don’t need to justify them in terms of how they empower women, help minorities, reduce racism and bigotry, etc. Those things are outcomes, but they are not the reason for conserving them. Republicans and conservatives must recognize and internalize the fact that the Left will never respect you. They will never concede anything to you. They will never vote for you. You will not get more Latino votes by compromising on immigration. You will not get more women votes by paying lip service to the good services provided by Planned Parenthood. You will not get more Black votes by touting the Republican Party’s record on civil rights. Just stop. Stand for conservatism without qualifications, and anyone with any kind of curious or inquiring mind will eventually find their way. You just have to write off the feminist SJWs and minority activists for now. Read your Bible conservatives – this too, shall pass. Eventually new intellectual trends will come and this era will be seen as very, very silly and embarrassing. Some of them will mature, some won’t. For now, they hate you no matter what, so just make your case happily and with gusto. Simples!

Now, so far I’m on board with the Cuckservative label. I feel the same Nietzschean Nausea when I look at the present state of America and its supposed defenders. However! There is one little slice of it that I’m not down with. Anti-white bigotry has been bubbling under the surface in America for decades, but it became mainstream and really powerful after the election of Barack Obama in 2008. If a religious revival – which we are apt to have every few decades – took America by storm and the nation became substantially more WASPy, I would wholeheartedly welcome it. I’m happy to judge people by the content of their character, but my left-wing adversaries won’t have it. There is this bizarre, hand rubbing glee at the “Browning of America” that I just don’t get, and that sounds quite sinister to me. (I’m a half-breed myself, though I grew up completely around the white side of my family. My father was from Japan but he died when I was a baby and I never really knew that side of my family. My mother’s parents came from Ireland.) I see this anti-white climate and I can’t stand it either.

Here’s where I differ, and yes, I know, this will sound so cucky: those who use Cuckservative to berate the American right-wing establishment are being exclusionary. Jesus, that was hard to say. I don’t mean “exclusionary” in the Leftist way, rather, the dictionary way. If the conservative white majority of America really started to assert itself, as we’re seeing with The Trumpening, the country can start to realign with its own heritage and can right the course for the future. Granting this, we have to accept a reality: we need minorities, women and Jews on our side.

The current Cuckservative argument goes: if conservatives are overwhelmingly white, then the problem is those whites and the solution is that they rearrange their beliefs, rather than persuading non-whites to accept conservative ideals on their own terms. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to win over anyone without using identity politics. (By the way, don’t be mad Leftists and Progressives – you created the Alt-Right and white identity politics. You constantly talk about and elevate race – except for whites – so what did you expect?)

As I said, I welcome a more WASPy America, but are you telling me that Dennis Prager (Jew), Mark Levin (Jew), Michael Medved (Jew) Larry Elder (Black), Michelle Malkin (Asian), Thomas Sowell (Black), Walter Williams (Black), Ben Shapiro (Jew), Mercedes Carrera (Latina) and so many others aren’t on the team of the American Right? Sorry dudes, they’re on the team. If it takes the fact of being a Person Of Color or a woman or whatever special snowflake group to plant the seed of conservatism in a young American’s brain, so be it. You’re already dealing with a stunted mind, so just do what it takes.

I’m optimistic, actually. I think people are starting to realize what an empty sham the Left has become (and yes, the Right. Even though the Right is much healthier as far as ideological debate), and those traditional sides are dissolving and rearranging themselves more broadly along the lines of authoritarianism and anti-authoritarianism with a lot of overlap. So, to my compatriots, stay the course.


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