Military Appreciation Day With Dennis Prager

For this Memorial Day weekend local am radio station 870 The Answer hosted a live broadcast of Dennis Prager aboard the USS Iowa in San Pedro, California. The ship had a good life. In 1943 it was used to take FDR across the Atlantic to meet with Stalin and Churchill in the Cairo and Tehran Conferences. It served in Pacific campaigns in Japan and Korea, and lots of other places.

It was an unseasonably overcast and cool day, which was most welcome. Brian and Elisha of The Morning Answer with Brian, Ben and Elisha (Ben Shapiro was off) were also broadcasting from the ship. Being offloaded in port in the the background was a ship called “Ever Liberal” – fitting for Brian, but probably not everyone else (although I suspect the name is more in the spirit of Adam Smith rather than the New York Times).

Dennis likes to broadcast on holidays when most national broadcasters take those days off because he feels that’s the best way he can honor holidays when so many of them have lost their meaning and so many don’t actually observe what the holidays are set aside for, hence, this show. He spent the show talking about the American military’s role in the world and taking calls from listeners across the country who wanted to memorialize someone on air. Lots of people called in and read out the name of the person they were memorializing and told a little bit about the person and where they were killed.

One caller’s father had served on the ship we were sitting on during World War II. We also learned that nearly 50 sailors died on the Iowa in an accidental explosion.

We’re living through a period of American retrenchment, and it’s not doing the world any good. Dennis’ broadcast, and the callers who shared their stories about family members and fellow servicemen who fell in the line of duty, was a good reminder of the important work our service men and women do.

USS Iowa

This was not part of the broadcast, unfortunately.




Dennis on with Brian and Elisha.







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