Feminists Are Becoming Church Ladies

Some would say they have been Church Lady for a while now. Either way, it was fun watching this segment on Hannity where Gavin McInnes and Tamara Holder duke it out over womens’ happiness. (It started with the story of Hillary Clinton reportedly paying her female staffers less than the guys, but it quickly went off topic.)

What stuck me about this was how fake-outraged and put-upon Tamara got when Gavin was saying some very inoffensive and true things. How am I supposed to view you as a strong, independent womyn with her hair flying in the wind and the sun on her face when the the idea that women are generally happier when they prioritize family gets you all flustered and is “absolutely disgusting” as Tamara says.

Actually, this is worse than being the Church Lady because the Church Lady had a subversive sense of humor in her scolding. Feminists don’t. And that’s their real sin. Third Wave feminism is mostly adolescent rebel posturing, so it’s kind of sad, but also funny, that a spoof of an uptight lady is less of a humorless, Victorian scold than our young sisters in the struggle.

Tamara is still young(ish) and hot so she can keep it up for a few more years. I hope she lightens up a little about the girl power thing and doesn’t make the full transformation from Church Lady to Cat Lady.


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