Transgendered Hawaiians and Pray the Gay Away

Hawai’i has passed a law to make it possible for people to change their sex on their birth certificate. I won’t pretend to be an expert on the science on trans-sexuality or whatever the P.C. term is, but I have some questions:

If gender is a social construct, why does it matter if men and women are equal, – since either one can be traded and shaped according to anyone’s feelings?

If the transgendered and gay are “born this way” and that is an unalterable, undeniable fact; why are boys and girls who are born that way infinitely malleable?

If it’s the height of quackery to have a “pray the gay away” camp or business, why is it smart and progressive to tell boys they can be girls or tell girls they can be boys? Or to attempt to force people to play along with the fantasies of men who think they’re women because they wear women’s clothes and vice-versa?

If it’s silly for a priest or psychologist to want to offer treatment to non-heterosexuals to get them to change, what am I supposed to make of your assertion that you are a woman when all my faculties of perception tell me you’re a man? I just have to take it on faith and believe you?

If I can change my gender on my birth certificate, can I change my age? Can a prospective student change their race on a college entrance application? If a 20 year old genuinely feels 45, or a white male genuinely feels like a black female, who are we to deny them? Age and race are really just social constructs, aren’t they? If a 50 year old who feels 17 sleeps with a 16 year old, is it still statutory rape? Why?

Being an LA kid and having spent many days in the teenage years tooling around Hollywood, Venice Beach and Downtown LA, I’m no stranger to trannies. In my experience they’re cool, enjoyable peeps and funny as hell. Ditto for the fags (if you object to that link you’re obviously racist). But now a small minority of them have gotten too pushy and are becoming intolerant themselves.

I feel for the very, very, very small portion of the population who genuinely feel they are not the sex their body reflects (not the LUGS or the ones who cross dress because it’s trendy) but we just can’t change everything for them.

P.S. This was the best thing that came out of Bruce Jenner’s interview.


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